Annoying Electrical Problems That Should Not Be Overlooked

There are many electrical issues that the typical Columbus homeowner views as nothing more than annoying. Unfortunately, they fail to see that while these are frustrating problems, they also have the potential to be dangerous and even life-threatening. So it is important not to put these tasks on your to-do list as a weekend DIY project or put off calling in a licensed electrician to evaluate.

When the lights in your home suddenly go out, you are sure to be more than a little annoyed. Most homeowners look outside to see if the whole street is dark before getting too excited about searching for the cause. However, if the issue is only in a part of your house or the other homes in the area are still well lit, it is time to check for a tripped breaker. A simple power surge could be to blame, and resetting the breaker could restore your lights. However, if the breaker is difficult to reset or continues to trip, call a licensed electrician immediately to ensure no safety hazard looming in your home.

Outlets Are Warm

No outlet in your home should feel warm to the touch. If any are warm, it is a sign that they are overloaded or there is an issue with the entire electrical circuit in your home. Unplug all the items from the outlet and any outlets on the same circuit and call your electrical expert immediately to avoid a potential house fire.

Lights Are Flickering

There are several reasons that a single light fixture could be flickering. The most common is that you have installed a bulb that is too larger for the fixture. This issue is called overlamping, and it means that the bulb is demanding more electricity than the fixture is designed to deliver. Replace the bulb with one of the correct wattage to see if that corrects the issue. If the lamp is still flickering, it will require repair. If the bulb is in a mounted fixture in your home, call an electrician to troubleshoot the fixture and wiring to ensure it is not a fire hazard.

A Plug That Constantly Falls Out Of An Outlet

Many homeowners are unaware that outlets can and do wear out. Typically, when this occurs, the plug does not remain in the outlet or is not as secure as it once was. This issue creates a significant safety hazard as the outlet can begin to spark and start an electrical fire. Remove any plugs from the outlet and discontinue using it until the outlet has been replaced.While electricity provides an essential service in our daily lives, it is vital to remember that it can also represent a significant hazard if the system is not maintained correctly. Therefore, all of these annoying issues should also be seen as indications of a potentially hazardous electrical issue. Call (877) 577- 2759 or click here to request an appointment with the licensed electricians at Reliable Electrical Services to examine and repair any electrical problems in your home.