Did You Know That Bricks And Wall Warts Could Be Stealing Your Money?

If you are looking for ways to cut your Columbus household’s electric bills, you are sure to have been doing some research online. And one of the hot topics regarding energy savings is the elusive energy vampire. These are items, cords, or devices that are sipping power, even when you have them turned off. In short, vampires are things that you need to unplug to get them to stop draining your wallet. But the experts at Duke Energy have gone even further to call out two bid culprits and give them their own names.

Meet The Bricks And Wall Warts

A Brick is one of the standard cords that can be found in many homes. It has a black box that is part of the cord for items like a laptop computer or even some smart televisions. If you have any devices that use a Brick for power, know that even when you turn off the device, the Brick is still stealing the energy you are paying for. The only way to stop the Brink from consuming power is to unplug it. But unplugging the Brick could be a challenge with the outlet behind your television or under the desk. Know that you can plug the Brick into a power strip and then shut off the power strip to stop the availability of power when not in use.

Wall Warts are the larger plugs that are on the cords that charge all of our mobile devices. Think about how many chargers you have plugged into the outlets throughout your home at any given time. Just because there is no phone or tablet being charged does not mean that the Wall Wart is dormant. The opposite is true. All those chargers are consuming energy and wasting your hard-earned money. Again, it could be challenging to reach the outlet, so you just leave the Wall Wart plugged in and go about your day. But you are paying a high price for that convenience. The smart choice is to invest in a power strip and plug all the little thieves into it. Then, when you are done charging your devices, turn off the power strip and stop the access to your electricity.

Other Thieves Around Your House

Any device that uses a remote or has a lighted clock or display panel is consuming electricity 24/7 and costing you money. Think about the number of devices in the house that you rarely use, but leave plugged into an outlet. Are there televisions in your guestrooms that might get turned on once a year? Do you have an old VCR or DVD player that you keep set up and plugged in just in case you need to watch something on that older media? What about battery-powered cleaning tools that you thought would be ideal but never really use now because they don’t function as well in real life as they did on TV? All of those items are sipping electricity all day and night and running up your electric bills.

Two Choices

There are two simple ways to defeat the Bricks, Wall Warts, and other Vampires in your household. You can purchase several power strips and take back control of your outlets with a trusty shut-off switch. Or you can call (877) 577- 2759 for help from the team at Reliable Electrical Services. If all of your outlets are hidden behind appliances and under workstations, let the licensed electricians at Reliable Electrical Services install additional outlets that are easy to see and access. Seeing the Vampires every day will remind you to pull those plugs and stop them from draining your wallet.