Electrical Renovations That Increase Your Property Value

Home renovations are a great way to add value to the property and function that you can enjoy for many years. But before pulling out the checkbook or credit card, many savvy homeowners want to know which electrical projects or upgrades will provide the best return on investment. And fortunately, with all of the added tech and personal devices in today’s homes, several electrical projects will bring a smile to any buyer’s face when you decide it is time to sell your Columbus home.

Surge Protection

Adding whole-home surge protection is the simple solution to prevent damage to the costly items connected to the electrical system. A power surge or dip on the grid can result in a potentially harmful voltage fluctuation. Your home faces the same risk during an electrical storm when a lightning strike could destroy countless pieces of technology. But one device can eliminate surge issues throughout your home.

Upgrading And Adding Outlets Or Switches

Most homeowners do not even really see the outlets and switches in their homes. Instead, we reach for them mindlessly when we need to turn on a light or plug in a device. But potential buyers will be looking at the number of outlets in each room and the types of outlets. The latest dual feature electrical and USB outlets are very desirable. In addition, buyers like to see dimmer switches and smart switches to make managing lighting more cost-effective.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a nice feature that offers added comfort in both cold and hot weather. The fans can be used to push heat back down to the living area in the winter for a more cozy feel. Likewise, the fans will pull unwanted hot air up out of your living space to help you feel cooler and more comfortable in the summer. This single feature helps take some of the stress off of the HVAC system and lower the utility bills associated with heating and cooling.

Kitchen Lighting

With the kitchen being the heart of the home, buyers want to have ample lighting for all the functions a great kitchen offers. From task lighting over the counter and work surfaces to soft ambient lighting over the dining space, a few upgraded lighting fixtures will draw attention. This is also a great place to consider dimmer switches or other adjustable controls for lighting to meet the many uses of the kitchen.

Smart Features

Smart home features offer buyers added convenience to control things like lights and the temperature remotely. While remote access is handy, it can also provide a great deal of savings on utility bills. The savings opportunities are almost endless, from adjusting the temperature when you are on vacation and shutting off the water heater to turning off that light you accidentally left on.

To learn more about electrical upgrades that add to its value to your home, call (877) 577- 2759. The licensed electricians at Reliable Electrical Services are excited to share information with you about some cutting-edge choices you are sure to enjoy.