How To Save Money On Your Summer Electric Bill

Everyone looks forward to the lazy days of summer. But what is not as welcome are the higher electric bills. From the cost of running the air conditioner and the swimming pool pump to movie marathons to entertain the kids, your electricity bill can jump as quickly as the summer temperature. However, there are many easy ways to help keep your summer electric bill more affordable and help the environment in the process.

Fix Leaks

When someone tells you to fix a few leaks around your home, your mind will likely jump to your plumbing system. But there are other leaks in your home that could be equally as costly. For example, air leaks around doors and windows could be allowing valuable cooled air to slip away. And this problem is not only wasting money in the summer. It allows the warm air to escape in the winter. So check for air leaks around doors, windows, baseboards, and electrical outlets throughout your home.

Beware Of Wasted Power

You could be shocked to learn that many appliances and electronic devices continue to consume a small amount of electricity, even when turned off. This waste is due to a standby or sleep mode that lets the item appear to be turned off when it is not. Devices with a remote, an illuminated clock, an always-on digital display, or an external transformer are some of the biggest power wasters in your home. Plug these items into a power strip and turn the strip off to eliminate all wasted power from electronics and appliances that you are not using.

Make Smart Light Bulb Choices

As the lightbulbs in your home wear out, replace them with LED bulbs. Compared to an incandescent light bulb, LEDs are 90% more energy-efficient and have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours rather than about 1,000 hours from an incandescent choice. Studies have found that the average homeowner will save about $1.25 a month on electricity for each incandescent bulb replaced with an LED.

Go Green To Save Some Green

Everyone loves to get outside and enjoy the sunshine in the summer. But that same sunlight can cost you a lot of money. The radiant heat from the sun increases the temperature inside your home and causes your AC to work harder.

The best way to avoid a spike in your electric bill each summer is to provide your home with some much-needed shade. Plant trees to shade your AC equipment and to offer shade for the windows in your home. Selecting trees that lose their leaves in the winter months will allow you to reap the benefits of their shade in the summer yet still take advantage of the sun’s warming rays in the winter months. And every tree and shrub that you add to your landscape will also help to increase your property value.

Don’t Forget To Close The Blinds

The blinds on your home’s windows can provide much more than privacy. Closing them to block the sun will help keep your home cooler and reduce the workload on your AC units. You will find that the temperature in a room with the blinds closed will be several degrees cooler than if you leave them open.

Saving electricity is vital for your wallet and the planet. The licensed electricians at Reliable Electrical Services are ready to assist you with installations of high-efficiency appliances, LED lighting, and other energy-conscious features. Call (877) 577- 2759 for a free price quote. And remember that all of our work also includes a complete customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty on the parts and labor.