Is An Electric Fireplace Right For Your Home?

As winter approaches Columbus, many residents are looking for affordable ways to heat their homes or supplement their existing heating. While installing or adding a wood-burning fireplace is very costly, many homeowners are discovering electric fireplaces as a more cost-effective solution. However, there are still many questions that some homeowners would like to have answered by the trusted team at Reliable Electrical Services. So we are letting our customers know what we have discovered when installing these great options for our customers.

The Benefits Of An Electric Fireplace

While some traditionalists claim that it is only a fireplace if it uses natural logs, an electric fireplace is a great option that saves you money and much work. You are sure to enjoy:

  • Instant Warmth and Enjoyment – With an electric fireplace, all you do is push a button to have immediate warmth and ambiance. There is no worry about going outside to get more logs, the hassle of starting the fire, or waiting for it to finally begin to warm the room.
  • Instant Off For Super Safety – Curling up near the fireplace is a great way to relax at night. But when you are all cozy and warm, you don’t want to wait until the fire burns out to go to bed. But that is the only way to ensure safety with a wood fire. Fortunately, all you need to do with your electric fireplace is push the button, and it instantly turns off. The fan will remain on for a few minutes to cool the unit for even more safety. But you can be snug in bed any time you like.
  • No Nasty Clean Up – Sure, a wood fire looks great. But the following day, no one wants to be the person facing all the clean-up. There is no messy ash or burnt logs to deal with when you use an electric fireplace. All you need to do is dust the glass front occasionally, and your fireplace looks great.
  • No More Shopping For Wood – Locating firewood can be a challenge. But locating affordable firewood is nearly impossible. However, your only challenge in operating your new electric fireplace will be finding the outlet. And if that is a problem, the experts at Reliable Electrical Services will install a new outlet at the ideal location for your new electric fireplace. Also, the national average to operate an electric fireplace is just eighteen cents per hour. So you can enjoy it as often as you like and leave it on with no worries about the cost of operation.

Added Safety

Electric fireplaces offer many safety features, including automatic shut-off timers, tip-over shut off, a cooling mode after the unit is off, and more. They can even be mounted higher on a wall for added safety with small children and curious pets. So rest assured, this is a safe and affordable way to enjoy a fireplace in your home this winter. Call (877) 577- 2759 for assistance installing your electric fireplace or adding a dedicated electrical outlet to power it.