The Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners in the area are discovering that outdoor lighting can make a significant difference in the appearance and safety of their homes. Without landscape lighting, you can only see and enjoy the natural beauty of your yard during the daylight hours. And for many, that means you are only home a few hours a day to enjoy the view of your trees and other ornamental plants. However, once you add outdoor lighting, your yard comes alive at night to provide beauty and interest to be enjoyed from outdoor living spaces and from inside your home. You will also discover that the added visibility at night will increase your feeling of safety.

What Is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Most of the high-quality landscape lighting on the market uses a transformer to step 110-volt power down to 24-volts for added safety and ease of installation. In addition, the decreased voltage makes the wire and fixtures safe in moist conditions and even in applications like lighting a waterfall or small pond. And finally, these lighting fixtures and system components are less expensive than their 110-volt counterparts.

Lighting The Night

You spend much money and countless hours maintaining your year. But as the days get shorter in the winter, you rarely get to see and enjoy the picturesque scene you have created. However, the installation of strategically placed landscape lighting can turn that dark canvas into a captivating experience at night. Highlighting trees and larger plants creates magical shadows and interest at night and adds the perception of space if you are sitting outdoors. In the dark, your yard appears to close into minimal space, but a few scattered lights will return the feeling of depth and vast space for your enjoyment.

Increased Safety And Security

Safety can be a huge factor at night. You know the layout of your patio and walkways, but even a tiny misstep can result in a fall. Landscape lighting is an affordable way to light transitions in walking surfaces and steps that create severe safety issues in the dark. Most homes have a porch light, but you can safely guide your guests to that well-lit entryway using landscape lights.

When you hear a noise outside at night, you are virtually blind to see an intruder on your property unless you have some outdoor lighting. Landscape lights are ideal for increasing your ability to see around the yard without the harsh bright light from spotlights mounted on the house. Instead, the light is soft and pleasing to the eye, yet bright enough to see intruders and even deter them from entering your yard.

You Lighting Choices

When you think about lighting your yard, try to select various fixtures and lighting types to create interest and highlight specific features. The most common fixture categories include:

  • Path Lights – They add beauty and safety as they make walkways and steps
  • Step Lights – These are fixtures that are built into the steps to provide the most safety
  • Up Lights – These well-lights or spotlights illuminate trees or larger plants to add impact and focal points to your yard at night
  • Underwater Lights – These waterproof fixtures add light to shimmering water features and ponds without any hazard of electrical shock for you or your guests

Outdoor lighting offers many benefits for homeowners, from added enjoyment of outdoor living spaces to increased safety and security. Call (877) 577- 2759 for a professional design and installation from the pros at Reliable Electrical Services to get the most out of your outdoor lighting. We offer free price quotes, and all of our work is backed by a full warranty.