Why Are My Walls Buzzing?

Have you noticed a slight humming or buzzing sound in your home? If you have, the annoying sound is likely driving you crazy. Even when there is other sound in your home, you are still consumed with discovering what is humming in the background. You might even begin to worry if the sound is a sign of some more severe issue. And the answer to that question is yes. Humming, buzzing, or vibrating sounds coming from inside the walls of your home could be an indication that there is a problem with your home’s electrical wiring, switches, or outlets. And you should know that any of these issues should be considered very dangerous.

Zeroing In On The Sound

When you first notice the humming, it is essential that you try to locate the source of the sound. When your home is quiet, walk around slowly and listen for the buzzing. Note where you hear the sound most clearly. Check to see if there are outlets or switches near the source of the sound. Make notes so that you can describe the issue and location you’re your licensed electrician. As soon as you are sure the sound is not coming from an appliance or other device in your home, call an electrician immediately. There should never be any sound emitted by a properly functioning outlet, switch, or electrical wire.

Potential Causes Of The Buzzing

While you should never try to troubleshoot the electrical system in your home, it can be helpful to understand what could be causing these odd sounds as you search for the source of the buzzing or humming. For example, some of the noise or vibrations could be due to:

  • Bad wire connections at a switch or outlet
  • Loose screws on the faceplate of an outlet or switch-touching the faceplate will tell you if this is the issue- the sound should stop when you hold the faceplate in place
  • The gas or electric meter on the outside of the wall is vibrating or buzzing and needs service or a repair
  • A partially open air vent can create a humming or vibrating sound
  • Your ceiling fan could be wearing out or out of balance and be making the noise
  • You could have a bee or wasp infestation in the walls of your home

The Sound Is Definitely Coming From Inside The Walls

When you are sure that the sound is coming from inside your walls, the best person to call is an electrician. There is no reason that there should be any sound coming from the wiring in your home. When there is a crackling, popping, humming, or other vibration, something is very wrong. Loose wire connections could result in a spark that will start an electrical fire. As soon as you determine there is a real issue, call (877) 577- 2759. The licensed electricians from Reliable Electrical Services will arrive quickly to locate any electrical problems or safety hazards in your home.

A Simple And Safe Solution

The pros at Reliable Electrical Services have years of training and expertise at locating bad wiring, faulty outlets and switches, loose wire connections, and other electrical problems that could be creating that annoying buzzing. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency appointments, so you never need to worry about an electrical fire or another electrical safety hazard in your home. Once we locate the problem, we always provide you with a written cost quote for any necessary repairs and are happy to explain all of your repair choices and their prices. Our goal is to earn your lifelong loyalty with honestly, dependability, and good value for your money.